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 Unmanned Substation Solution


I. Overview
        Electrical safety has become an important issue affecting the national economy and people’s livelihood because modern society is demanding more reliable electricity supply and the safety of unmanned substations is more important than ever before with the constant changes of China’s economic development and the international situation.
        With the aid of the existing power communication network, AVTrace power solution has achieved the remote real-time video surveillance and alert receiving and treatment for remote fault and unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, this power solution can improve the safety and reliability of the operation and maintenance of substations and gradually realize the visual monitoring and scheduling for power grid so as to make the regulating and operation of the power grid more safe and reliable.
II. Brief Introduction
        As a “strong node” on the smart power grid, every intelligent substation is required to accomplish some basic functions, such as information collection, measurement, control, protection, metering and monitoring, and support the power grid to realize some high-level functions, such as automatic control, smart regulation, online analysis and decision-making and coordinative interaction.
        The monitoring solution for the novel unmanned substation is to achieve standardization to make the equipment of different manufacturers to accord with the requirements of application environment for the power industry and realize the interconnection and interworking; to achieve multi-level networking; to systematically link with the integrated automation system to realize remote communication, telemetering, remote control and remote adjustment with the remote vision as the reference; furthermore, it is to achieve environmental monitoring, air conditioning control, fan control, perimeter protection and linkage with access control and fire-fighting systems in addition to video surveillance.
        AVTrace unmanned substation solution can strengthen the interconnection and interworking of the system, realize the mutual compatibility of equipment and consistent protocol signaling; the solution is also adaptable to the strong electromagnetic interference of substations, the electromagnetic compatibility and housing protection level of the equipment with high cost-performance ratio and the degree of practicability of the system, which meet the requirements of uses for safe production and auxiliary monitoring.
        The following functions can be achieved by AVTrace unmanned substation solution:
²The dispatching center is to manage the subordinate substations uniformly and intensively by building an integrated monitoring system with the existing comprehensive power data network; 

² It allows remote monitoring of the important equipment, production region and perimeter environment in substation, deploying/undeploying of fire protection and anti-theft systems in the key areas of substation according to the requirements and formulation of schedules and tasks. 

² It integrates the subsystems such as video surveillance, environmental monitoring, security protection, fire alarm and access control to realize the comprehensive management function and each system is to be linked according to the default rules. HD smart products are to be adopted because video surveillance system with HD mega-pixel resolution has become the trend for the electric power industry and alert receiving and treatment for remote fault and unforeseen circumstances is to be applied. The video and audio data, environmental measurement data and alarm information in substation are to be collected in real time and submitted to the superior dispatching center. 

²The information of substation can be entered into the MIS network of the electric power system for the application by other departments such as Production Technology Department, Safety Supervision Department and Security Department, so as to effectively use bandwidth resource and avoid repeated construction. 

III. Overall Structure of the System



Alarm data line 


Optical fiber


Network cable


Analog data cable


Virtual network video stream


Virtual PTZ network control signal


Note: For newly-built substation end system


Access control, firefighting and SF6 monitoring systems


Temperature sensor


Wind speed sensor


Humidity sensor


4~20mA analog input


To local level master station


Infrared emission


Immersion type probe


Infrared intrusion


Optical transmitter and receiver




Switch alarm input


Monitoring platform of substation


Network switch


Alarm input


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