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Innovation Making the Future and AVTrace Winning Two “RT TOP50” Awards

Thiscat:     pubdate: 2014-08-07


        After nearly 10 months’ careful planning, the selection activity for the “Top 50 of Rail Transit Innovative Enterprises 2012” was finally unveiled in SWEECC in May 2013. In the activity, AVTrace was honored with 2 awards, "Rail Transit Innovative Enterprises & Top 50 Enterprises 2012"; VSMS was awarded with “Top 10 Innovative Products in Rail Transit Industry 2012”.
RT TOP50: weathervane for the development of rail transit industry
        It is learned that “RT TOP50” is the sole innovation index list for rail transit industry. Therefore, the selection activity undoubtedly is the most powerful “weathervane” for reflecting the development of rail transit industry. It is designed to improve the enterprise’s consciousness of innovation, promote industrial technical communication and drive the common development of rail transit industry.
        “RT TOP50” is jointly launched by the magazine RT Rail Transit, People's Railway Newspaper and China Enterprise Evaluation Association since 2008. It selects a batch of innovative enterprises, innovators and innovative products with benchmarking significance at the beginning of each year. Over 1,000 enterprises participated in the selection. 50 enterprises were selected via enterprise spontaneous application, industry recommendation, research by professional media and other processes, becoming the “Main Force” of Innovation for Rail Transit Industry 2012.
AVTrace: leading domestic enterprises towards the world
        The activity was themed with “Innovation achieves leap”, which coincides with the core concept of AVTrace corporate culture. As a high-tech enterprise in video surveillance, AVTrace has been adhering to the “innovative, professional and win-win” management concept to shape, modern enterprise road and lead video technology development.
        Huang Zhuhui, the CEO of AVTrace, believed that “It is hard for you to develop in the industrial chain if you have no characteristics or certain control right and speaking right. As far as I am concerned, companies such as AVTrace are necessary in the security industry in China. Such companies shall struggle for Chinese and defeat foreign enterprises overseas.” Germinated in the dream of national enterprises, AVTrace began tapping high-end security market, and has got developed during the design of overall solutions for IP digital surveillance and matured when its solutions fairly meeting the market. In these 8 years since its foundation, AVTrace has developed production lines for various links covering the whole video business, with products and solutions extensively and successfully applied in airports, urban rail transit, expressways, peaceful cities, large venues and other key application fields for video business; entrepreneurial team promoted the new application model for Chinese rail traffic video surveillance and gained valuable experience from the implementation.
        Innovation is the bridge to make the science and technology industries going global. It is innovation that leads “made in China” to “created in China”. Innovation makes the future; AVTrace, after 8 years’ market accumulation, will transform gorgeously through IPO Road, becoming a real national innovative enterprise in the security industry and riding on the world’s stage.



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