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Joint Development of Base of Production, Education & Research by AVTrace and Guangdong University of Technology

Thiscat:     pubdate: 2014-08-07

        Recently, AVTrace Electronic Technology Co., LTD. and Guangdong University of Technology have announced their cooperation in developing a base of production, education & research.
        As a “National High-tech Enterprise” and “Double Soft Enterprise of Guangzhou Municipality”, AVTrace attaches great importance to technological innovation. A 400m2 R & D center was set up in the Creative Building in Guangzhou Science City, where rich technical innovations were achieved. Meanwhile, Guangdong University of Technology, with 15 R & D teams, 11 laboratories, multiple doctor and master stations and sound scientific research equipment, is also very strong in research strength.
        By means of establishing a close cooperation system for production, education & research, a platform for interactive cooperation and smooth information communication and a long-term cooperation mechanism between the school and the enterprise, seeking common development and a win-win result. Through the above-mentioned platform, AVTrace can effectively integrate the R & D resources of Guangdong University of Technology and introduce cutting-edge and new technologies to improve the technology content and technical level of its products with continuous innovation efforts; while Guangdong University of Technology can make the most AVTrace’s market advantage to speed up the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. Moreover, AVTrace can assign technicians to Guangdong University of Technology for advanced studies and training; furthermore, the school can appoint scientific research personnel to guide the work of the enterprise and recommend outstanding graduates to AVTrace for internship or work; thus a good talent training mechanism can be jointly established between the school and AVTrace.
        The cooperation with Guangdong University of Technology was the first step for AVTrace’s establishing of the cooperation system of production, education & research. In the future, to establish such system, AVTrace will, on the basis of independent innovation, pay much attention to the technical cooperation with more scientific research institutions, and actively carry out multi-level and multi-faceted technical cooperation with universities and scientific research institutions.

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