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AVTrace’s Identification of Certification of Little Giant of Science and Technology Enterprises

Thiscat:     pubdate: 2014-08-07

        Recently, AVTrace Electronic Technology Co., LTD. was recognized as one of the first batch of “Little Giant of Science and Technology Enterprises of Guangzhou” by Science and Information Technology of Guangzhou. It is reported that 100 enterprises, through strict review, were finally selected via online application, online assessment, comprehensive assessment and online publicity and other processes.
        AVTrace is a high-tech enterprise with Guangdong provincial state-owned enterprises in shares and is a domestic leading supplier for overall security solutions. With an innovative team with wide professional coverage, advanced technology, and unity & cooperation, AVTrace has committed to the R & D of technologies related to digital CCTV products and solutions over the years. Now it has more than 20 intellectual property rights and patents. It has been recognized as “National High-tech Enterprise” and “Double Soft Enterprise of Guangzhou Municipality”.
        The objects for the “Little Giant of Science and Technology Enterprises of Guangzhou” are the tech SMEs within the scope of the city, and shall be enterprises engaged in product development, production and management in high-tech fields in compliance with the development direction of Guangzhou industry; these enterprises shall have strong ability of technical innovation and corresponding R & D input, products and services with independent intellectual property rights and certain economic scale and good growth potential. These enterprises are characterized with enormous scientific potential, adequate innovation vitality, good growth potential and great market potential.

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