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AVTrace’s Appearance in Guangzhou Marathon Game

Thiscat:     pubdate: 2014-08-07


        Guangzhou International Marathon 2013 ended successfully. More than 20,000 marathoners, including over 50 long-distance runners from AVTrace Electronic Technology Co., LTD. and sponsored by the Company, participated in this carnival of national fitness. It was the 2nd time for AVTrace to participate in the marathon; this competition was themed with “Renowned City, Harmony and Health”, which coincided with AVTrace’s spirit “respect, commitment, profession, initiative, team, partners, and innovation”. The competition witnessed AVTrace personnel’s spirit of “self-challenge, surpassing the limit, perseverance and never giving up”.
        AVTrace marathoners were not professional runners; they participated in the game not for winning the game, but only from their passions for Marathon — the charismatic sport. With the spirit of “never giving up”, these marathoners finished the journey, after which they realized and acquired a lot.
        When it comes to their impressions of the Marathon, Wu Liangdan, who finished the mini Marathon, felt that it was so glad to participate in the game; in his opinion, “Running is a relaxed sport without too difficult goal or too much pressure”.
        Chen Gengtao, who finished a half journey, believed that “Marathon, like a portrayal of life, is a lengthy process; only with a comfortable speed making can one run further. Nevertheless, there may be some broom buses to tempt you in the process of running, thus it is important to insist on one’s standpoint; one shall finish the road chosen by himself, even with walk.”
        Guo Yong, whose original plan was only 5 km, finished the whole journey (42 km) with his firm belief unexpectedly. It is the same with many things out of our work plan, but our confidence and strategy to respond to these changes are more important. “I can” — the belief always adhered to by him, “it is important to control the speed during the process: do not run too fast when being surpassed, nor slow down when anyone falls behind; a good mentality is also necessary: do not feel depressed when being surpassed, nor being secretly pleased when there are people behind you.”
        By means of self-challenging oneself, AVTrace runners had a new understanding of themselves. Lu Wenna, a long-distance running lover who had participated in multiple marathons and finished this journey, said that “If you want to be smart, go running! If you want to be strong, go running! If you want to be healthy, go running!” Many people were deeply touched by marathoners’ spirit of running happily and never giving up; there must be more and more AVTrace personnel to take part in long-distance running and bring the spirit of never giving up for long-distance running to daily work.
        For the purpose of cheering the participators, AVTrace specially organized volunteers to set up supply points at 26th, 31st and 36th km, to provide enthusiastic services for marathoners as their strong backing. Tu Dengqian, who took part in the volunteer activity, said, “Even though I did not participated in the Marathon this year, I was happier than before, for I saw more colleagues and friends participating in the game; accompanying them to challenging themselves and enjoy the happiness in running made me happy; I hope I can pass the happiness of Marathon to more colleagues, and hope more and more colleagues can participate in the Marathon to discover a surprising self.”
        In fact, never giving up is also the work spirit for AVTrace personnel; since its foundation, AVTrace has committed to provide customers with “incessant video surveillance” and lead intelligent security technology, with “becoming the world's leading security brand” as its goal. In these 8 years, AVTrace has developed production lines for various links covering the whole video business, with products and solutions extensively and successfully applied in airports, urban rail transit, expressways, peaceful cities, large venues and other key application fields for video business. Consistent and persistent, AVTrace will also match steadily in the Marathon for video surveillance.








Lu Wenna, Guo Yong and Chen Gengtao from AVTrace at the Starting Line

















Confident Lu Wenna Running the Whole Journey



















A Half Marathoner, Chen Gengtao — Enjoying the Running



















Runners Sponsored by AVTrace — Running Happily with Green Wristbands



















Volunteer Station at 31st km



















Volunteer Station at 36th km



















Successful Ending & Celebration of Victory












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